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Re: dpkg-dev 1.10.11 incompatible changes.

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> Hello,
> dpkg 1.10.11 was uploaded to sid (don't bother using it, fetch .12 from
> incoming) including lots of of new features, some of which make
> unpacking with woody's dpkg-source impossible:
> |---------------------
>   * Teach dpkg-source that ~ is legal in version numbers
> ametzler$ dpkg-source -x /sid/tmp/foo.app_1.1a-7~.dsc
> dpkg-source: error: version number contains illegal character `~'
> |---------------------

.11 generates dscs will incorrect build-depends lines(they contain

It also doesn't handle complex build-depends parsing(if an item contains both
() and [] restrictions).

The first was fixed in .12.  The latter in .13.  .13 should be available on a
mirror near you today.

The above is something I hadn't tested, as Wichert had done it, so I thought
he had.  Please file a bug, showing exactly what you did(ie, how you generated
the .dsc, etc).

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