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Re: svn-uupdate approaches

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 11:27:23AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> What really suprised me is that you don't use svn_load_dirs. For all its
> warts, it is very useful, especially when upstream moves files around. I
> also suspect that it is far more efficient than is your method. You run
> one svn add or remove for every new or deleted file in the new upstream
> source.

i use a different method than svn_load_dirs, but one that is similar;
when i came up with i didn't know about that script. my uupdate script
rsyncs the new source tree onto the old one, wrapped by svnchangelib[1],
which tracks adds and deletes. i can then commit the changes in one

> I hope that your plan is to make the scripts in svn-devscripts as
> repository layout neutral as possible. If so, let me describe an
> approach that I have used to develop an alternative svn-uupdate.
> The key to my approach is that I noticed that while one might have
> many possible urls to the trunk of a package:
> svn://.../package/trunk
> svn://.../trunk
> svn://.../trunk/package
> svn://.../trunk/foo/bar/baz/package
> Every one of these does imply a particular layout for the tags and
> branches directories. The transformation is simple: Just replace "trunk"
> with "tags" or "branches":

this approach would not work for however, as my repository layout is
different than this. i don't use tags or branches directories; i keep
everything in the same directory.

$ svn ls $SVN/old/pyx

for reference, i have posted my uupdate script[2].

[1] http://svn.complete.org/misc/svnchange/
[2] http://people.debian.org/~graham/


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