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Re: RFA'ing the majority of my packages

Kenneth Pronovici (pronovic@debian.org) wrote:
> > The packages are in good shape and mostly up-to-date, and only some of them
> > have outstanding bug reports filed against them.
> Just in looking at xmltv's dependencies and build dependencies, I
> have a direct interest in these packages:
>    libxml-simple-perl
>    libxml-twig-perl
>    libxml-writer-perl 
> If I look a little further down the line, I guess I have an indirect
> interest in these, too:
>    libxml-libxml-common-perl
>    libxml-libxml-perl
>    libxml-namespacesupport-perl
>    libxml-sax-expat-perl
>    libxml-sax-perl
> I'm already backporting libxml-twig-perl, so I could take it without a
> lot of effort.  I'd rather not take the rest (I'm swamped as it is) but
> I would if no one else steps in.
> Can you give me an idea how much time you've needed to spend on these
> eight packages in the last few months?  Have I picked any of the ones
> that are giving you headaches? (I've already noticed your most recent

The only one that gave me headaches was libxml-libxml-perl.  At some point
libxml2 (on which it depends) changed its API and such, and it took a
while before XML::LibXML had catched up on that.  So, you might want to
have a word with the maintainer of the Debian package of libxml2 that he
cannot simply upload a new version without considering his dependents.

The time spent on them was fairly minimal; just the occaisional new
version from upstream and keeping up with changes in the policy.  Since
all of them have (more or less) identical rules files and use debhelper,
maintenance should be easy (that's why I spent the effort in making them
that way). 

There's a caveat in XML::SAX: just read the README.Debian and let me know
if you have questions.  And it's good you also take libxml-sax-expat-perl
and libxml-libxml-perl: they use the parser registration tool in XML::SAX.
So, it makes sense for them to stay together.

> updates to a lot of these packages, which I assume you've been doing in
> preparation to put them up for adoption.)

Yep, that was indeed the reason. :-)

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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