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Re: installer for non-free packages in contrib

Colin Watson wrote:

? I think that's a minimal specification for a correct installer package
which does its work by creating Debian packages; unless you think that
it's better for the installer package to spit out a .deb somewhere which
you then have to install separately, which seems to me like a step
backwards in convenience.


As a user, it always is my expectation that an installer package won't actually install the package in its postinst, but rather just install a script that needs to be run separately in order to fetch the binary, build a deb, and install the deb(perhaps just put a 'su -c "dpkg -i created.deb"' at the end of the script) or make you then install the deb[like the nvidia drivers used to work]. Fetching the binary takes a significant amount of bandwidth and would be annoying during the install of the installer when you may be installing other packages as well and are not necessarily connected to the internet.

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