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File not removed during upgrade - help please

Hello list,
There is a package vim-latexsuite (0.20030726-2). This package contains
(among others) file /usr/share/vim/vim61/explorer.vim. This file conflicts
with the vim file. I agreed with vim maintainer to divert this file.
There is a new upstream version of this software. It does not require
a modified version of explorer.vim. So, this file has been removed from
package. Everything works except case of upgrade. Old explorer.vim
is not deleted during upgrade process and I am not able to undivert
it to original version from vim. What's wrong? What I should to do?
Only sollution I see is a rm explorer.vim in postinst
file then undivert it to original one.
Well... I don't like it. Is there any better sollution of this problem?

Gdzie dysków sześć, tam dużo formatowania
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