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Howto tell dpkg to not trying to reinstall?

Hi developers!

I asked this question on the user's list but did not
get a solution.

I install with dpkg a kernel-image on the Knoppix
booted CD, chrooted to the Knoppix tree.

It installs everything except the initrd image because
the script cannot find fstab, which there isn't
because Knoppix creates that on the fly.

The initrd image is not needed, Knoppix has its own.
So everything went well.

But "he" does not know about that and everytime when I
use apt-get now he wants to reinstall the
kernel-image. I tried setting it to hold status to no

How do I tell the system to just forget about that
package: everything went well and you'll never get
past the initrd image install anyway?

I cannot remove the package because that will remove
my kernel also, and it is fine!

Thank you!

Hugo Vanwoerkom

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