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Re: An help to create an debian/rules

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 11:05:06AM -0300, Luiz Rafael Culik Guimaraes wrote:
> I´ve readed the debian pages on how to create an debian package, i manage
> sucessfully,
> But i has one doubt
> since i´m comming from rpm spec files, i´d like to know if the follow lines
> can be added to
> debian/rules and to what section i should add on the file, please note that
> macros like %{name} %{version} is already added to top of debian/rules

You can't. The syntax and contents of rpm-specfiles and debian/rules
are fundamentally different, there is no easy way to convert the former
to the latter (or back):
- debian/rules is a Makefile, referencing variables as %{name} does
  not work.
- Debian packaging information is split to a lot of small files in
  debian/, a typical specfile contains not only debian/rules but
  also debian/control, maintainerscripts and the equivalent's to the
  debhelper-files like debian/dirs, debian/docs, etc.

Ignore the specfile and start from scratch.
                cu andreas

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