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> How would this do as a mass RFP :)
> http://sal.kachinatech.com/
> SAL (Scientific Applications on Linux) is a collection of information
> and links to software that will be of interest to scientists and
> engineers. The broad coverage of Linux applications will also benefit
> the whole Linux/Unix community. There are currently 3,070 entries in SAL

In my experience, that list may be quite out of date.  For instance, the
web site lists the current version of CERNLIB as 97a [1] (there have been
at least annual releases since 1997) and doesn't recognize that it's been
released under GPL [2].

Additionally, they seem unresponsive -- I sent them an email several
months ago to note the location of my still-unofficial Debian packages [3]
and never got a reply back (and they still say at [1] that no Debian
package is available for CERNLIB).

[1] http://sal.kachinatech.com/B/0/CERNLIB.html
[2] http://cernlib.web.cern.ch/cernlib/conditions.html
[3] http://borex.princeton.edu/~kmccarty/

Kevin McCarty                Physics Department
kmccarty@princeton.edu       Princeton University
www.princeton.edu/~kmccarty  Princeton, NJ 08544

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