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Re: GDM in sid does not read /etc/environment anymore

There is a patch posted to this bug that grep /etc/environment looking
for LANG=*, and then export just the LANG...

Em Dom, 2003-08-31 às 10:47, Petter Reinholdtsen escreveu:
> [Daniel Ruoso]
> > I've actually sent him an email but got no answer. I've posted in
> > debian-devel few days ago and nobody complained that GDM could source
> > /etc/environment in the init script. That's an one-line patch (already
> > tagged as patch in bts for more than a year)... 
> Remember that the file /etc/environment is not a shell script, it is a
> data file for the pam_env module.  The format happen to look like a
> shell script, but it is not.
> See for example <URL:http://linux.oreillynet.com/lpt/a/1263> for a
> description of the format.
> If you want to pass the values on to forked program, this might be
> enough:
>   for i in `cat /etc/environment`; do export $i; done
> It will probably not handle space in the content.

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