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Re: configure web proxy via DHCP server

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 12:57, H. S. Teoh wrote:
> > It would be really "cool"(tm) if I didn't have to reconfigure every
> > program on my laptop to use a different proxy server every time I plug
> > it into a different network.
> Run a local proxy that forwards connections to the (external) proxy of
> your choice, and point all applications at it?

Then of course there's the issue of how to configure the local proxy.

For the local proxy on my laptop I use m4 to change it's configuration from a 
script which knows about the networks I regularly connect to.

The ideal solution however would be an addition to the DHCP standard for a 
field to specify this information.  My solution only works AFTER I have 
figured out the correct data for each network by some other means and 
customised my script.

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