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Re: Sarge+1: ideas for Experimental V1.2 (or is that 0.2?)

* Goswin von Brederlow (brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) [030826 21:50]:
> Mark Howard <mh@debian.org> writes:
> > On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 10:25:24AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > > So speak up Mark, what do you mean with changed?
> > 
> > I meant identifying that bug X was fixed in version Y; packages in
> > experimental contain the fix but sid and testing packages do not (yet).
> > I think this feature would be even more useful when developers are
> > fixing bugs reported by sid users and uploading to experimental.
> A Tag "min-version=" and "fixed-version=" as extensions to
> potato/woody/sarge/sid and have those 4 autochanged as versions move
> around.
> yep. would be nice. finer grained than just the tags.

Even better would be to make the version-tags meta-tags.

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