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Re: Snort: Mass Bug Closing

Quoting Josip Rodin (joy@srce.hr):
> > > I've upgraded to this version and it has required me to press y to replace
> > > modified conffiles in /etc/snort/rules/ about two dozen times, while I'm
> > > pretty sure I never touched any of them. That's an pretty impressive amount
> > > of annoyance you managed to cause there.
> > I wish I knew what I could do about that.
> It's some sort of a corner case situation in which actually unchanged files
> appear changed and dpkg prompts for them. Did the packages ever modify the
> files? Did they move them around?

I believe that in the real 1.8.4 release that is in woody, the rules
files were all places in /etc/snort/ amongst the configuration files
etc. In later releases the files moved to /etc/snort/rules/. I believe
this change was introduced even before I adopted the package.

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