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/etc/shells management

I just uploaded a version of shadow that provides scripts for the
maintenance of /etc/shells.  I decided very quickly when I became the
shadow maintainer that I didn't want to (and probably wasn't qualified to
be) an arbiter of acceptable shells.


/etc/shells is no longer a config file, but is maintained by the
add-shell and remove-shell programs.  So, if a package contains
something that the maintainer thinks ought to be a valid login shell,
it's postinst should, (on initial install only, to allow a sysadmin to
take it out again), run:

/usr/sbin/add-shell /path/to/shell

In the postrm, probably on remove, the package should call

/usr/sbin/remove-shell /path/to/shell

Packages using this mechanism must declare a dependency on 
passwd (>= 4.0.3-10).  As the various shells start to use it, the
default shells list will start getting shorter, but that's not
expected to happen until at least sarge+1.

(you will be able find the above documentary verbiage in

share and enjoy


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