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Re: NM non-process

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 12:31:44AM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > > I didn't know that only DD could post on d-d-a. But to be honest, I
> > > would have expected that one of the list managers would adopt my
> > > message without much words if it is ok to post. As this didn't happen,
> > > I interpreted it so that the list managers don't want my mail to
> > > appear there and followed the instructions without any further ado. I
> > > just want to resolve problems, and not make formal ping-pongs.
> > You probably got an automated reply.
> I've never seen before an automated reply with User-Agent: mutt/[...].
> No, the rejection was not automated (there were also other signs of
> human edited, as a quotation line).

Heh :) If I hadn't responded to it manually, it would have gotten ignored
as spam (nobody cared enough to write a nice formail -r message because it
happens rarely enough and the spambounces would waste us more resources).

Any other developer can sign your mail and let it through. Us listmaster
people have plenty to do without having to deal with content of the mailing
lists like this -- there's gobs of people that need assistance with stuff
only we can help them with (manual searches for subscribed address, and then
forced (un)subscription) so we tend to spend time doing that instead.

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