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Re: Bug#203588: acpid: Shell script has nothing to do in /etc

Pierre THIERRY dijo [Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 03:58:23PM +0200]:
> > I think at least the RCness of this bug is rather dubious, frankly. If
> > the script is configuration
> I don't think the script is meant to be edited... So it should be in
> /usr/sbin.

There are many scripts in /etc that are not meant to be edited unless a
special need arises - The first packages that comes to my mind are
pcmcia-cs and linux-wlan-ng. They have many different scripts in
/etc/pcmcia, and almost always they work perfectly - I had to fiddle
with them once.

In my system I have 113 executable files under /etc, they belong to the
most varied programs... And they are (or at least, they seem to be)
perfectly valid configurable files. (most of them - see my next message)


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