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Re: Bug#203588: acpid: Shell script has nothing to do in /etc

On Freitag, 1. August 2003 15:31, David Z Maze wrote:
> Cajus Pollmeier <c.pollmeier@gmx.net> writes:
> > On Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2003 07:24, Pierre THIERRY wrote:
> >> Severity: serious
> >> Justification: Policy 9.1.1
> ("Debian should obey the FHS"; I don't claim to be an FHS expert, but
> all it seems to say about /etc is "no binaries", which this doesn't
> violate.)
> >> The shell script /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh should be installed in something
> >> else, like /usr/share/acpid/ or /usr/sbin/.
> >
> > I've no problem with that, but:
> >
> > These scripts used by acpid should be treated as some kind of user
> > configuration, like i.e. cron keeps skripts installed by someone in
> > /etc/cron.daily, acpid keeps skripts that take actions when some
> > events happened.
> Is this "script that gets run when the console user presses the power
> button", and is it obvious that the user could potentially want to
> configure it?  If so, then it makes sense that it should be a
> configuration file, and so by policy 10.7.2 it should live in /etc.
> (And as you point out, it's not like there aren't other admin-editable
> scripts in /etc already, say, all of /etc/init.d.)  My reading is that
> what you're doing now is fine and the bug is wrong.

So in case of a "power down" script, this may be somewhat fixed in its
task. This would be true. But this script must not be the only one. Maybe
the user wants to place a script for i.e. closing the LID or do special
reactions on suspend events etc.

In my understanding /etc/acpid is the correct place for that. So, I changed
the serevity of the bug. I'm just off to vacations tomorrow - will look into this
when I'm back.


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