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XD2 for debian woody

Hi debian-devel :

I'm a board member of hispalinux [1] , and actually we are working very
hard on metadistros project. This project [1] will be a perfect platform
for develop cumstomizated debian distros. Now , we are making the XD2
debian packages for integrate them in the metadistros project. This
packages , like metadistros, will be debian woody compatible. An member
of hispalinux lend us a server (P4-2GHz 512 ram 50Gb HD) for to work on
it. Actually , Ghe Riveiro [3] is working and coordinating it. If
anybody is interested on it , please contact with Ghe [3]. Any
contribution is welcome.   

Thanks for all

Roberto Majadas

[1] http://www.hispalinux.es
[2] http://metadistros.hispalinux.es
[3] mailto: ghe_rivero@ranty.pantax.net

Roberto Majadas Lopez			roberto.majadas@hispalinux.es
board member of Hispalinux 		http://www.hispalinux.es

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