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Re: Bug#203498: ITP: decss -- utility for stripping CSS tags from an HTML page.

Jim Penny <jpenny@universal-fasteners.com> writes:

(Cc'ed the bug-report)

> Uhh, it is to tweak the international copyright cartel, and the RIAA in
> particular.  They have written "cease and desist" letters to anyone who
> has a file names deCSS on their system.

If this is the main reason to include it in Debian I would like to
voice my objections too (For what it is worth).

Given that the political statement is the reason for having this
package I belive it is unnecessary cluttering of the archive and added
extra confusion to our users. Our main priorities is Free Software and
our users and confusing them for a vauge political statement with no
real direct connection to free software is against our Social Contract.

Robert, I urge you to retract you ITP of this pacakge unless you can
come up with technical arguments for including the package.

I know the above is worded rather strong and I would probaly not go
any further if you decides to keep you ITP. One package doesn't in
itself lead to many problems but I would rather stop it before I
should fight a to strong precedence to keep useless political
statement out of Debian.

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 peter@makholm.net |      believe that a society base on full surveillance
 http://hacking.dk |                                               is bad?
                   |                       Do they have something to hide?

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