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Re: lvm2 maintainer needed

* Wichert Akkerman (wichert@wiggy.net) [030728 21:32]:
> Is anyone willing to maintain lvm2? Its last upload was over a year ago
> and its listed maintainer does not seem to be a Debian developer
> according to db.debian.org .

According to packages.qa.d.o was the lastest upload in 2003 (though it
is strange that the Date in the changes says something of 2002, but
the version number ensures that it was 2003).

Above all, did you try to reach the maintainer by private mail first?
Not being a DD is not a cause to not be asked. (Though the both
RC-bugs should be fixed soon.)

And: If you searched e.g. by google, you would have noticed his new
mail adress dilinger@voxel.net, and that he still is activley
maintaining debian packages (I needed less than one minute for that).
Perhaps you should read Chapter 7.4 of the developers reference. Even
if a maintainer is MIA, you should post to debian-qa first according
to reference, and this maintainer is not MIA.

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