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Re: Bug#203048: ITP: libapache-mod-dynvhost -- Virtual Servers in Apache based on directories. Supports cgi-bin directories and individual user homes.

On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 14:22, Mike Hommey wrote:
> On Sunday 27 July 2003 13:20, martin@list-petersen.dk wrote:
> > This Apache module does Dynamic Virtual Servers based on directory names.
> > It supports user home directories and individual cgi-bin directories. When
> > creating a directory (and thereby a virtual server) there is no need for
> > restarting apache anymore.
> What is the difference with what you can do with apache mod_vhost_alias and/or 
> mod_rewrite ?

Extract from the README of mod_dynvhost:

mod_dynvhost will do these things when a request comes through :
1 - Automatically change the DocumentRoot to match that directory.
2 - Set up a "webmaster@virtualdomain.com" ServerAdmin directive,
    this is seen upon any errors the server encounters.
3 - Change the "ServerName" directive to your sites FQDN.
4 - Handle "/cgi-bin/" requests to the virtual host.
5 - Handle "/icons/" for directory listings.
6 - Allow user '~' directories under each Virtual Host.
7 - Restrict CGIs to a minimum UID / GID ( block sys accounts from
    executing CGIs). If either ID is under the min it will return
    an 'HTTP_FORBIDDEN' error.
    The behavior for "/icons/" and "/cgi-bin/" directories is thus,
    if a local directory under the virtual hosts root directory
    exists ( e.g. /www/Virtuals/www.mydomain.com.au/icons ).
    Then the "/icons/" request will map to that directory,
    if that local directory does not exists, then mod_dynvhost
    falls through to the default apache ServerRoot ( in my case
    that works out to be "/usr/local/apache/icons" ).
    "/cgi-bin/" requests are much the same.

Martin List-Petersen
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