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Who wants cgoban?

One of the packages I "maintain" is cgoban.  I packaged it ages ago when
I was a fanatical Go player.  Nowadays I only get Go fever about one week
per year, and it's hard to make time for this package when I'm uninspired
about the game.  I'd like to give it to someone who actually uses it.

cgoban - Complete Go board

This program presents a graphical Go board on which you can play.
It doesn't play against you, you need another program (like gnugo)
to do that.  It's primarily designed to play on two Internet Go
servers, IGS and NNGS.

The author of cgoban is friendly and responsive, but he considers
cgoban to be obsolete.  He's working on cgoban2, which is written
in Java and is a client for a different set of Go servers (KGS), so
it's not a replacement for cgoban.  There is now a sourceforge
project for maintaining cgoban1, as one bugreporter rudely pointed
out.  Packaging that version would be a productive way to take over
this package :)

If you want it, please let me know, and (to avoid collisions) wait
for me to confirm before you actually make an upload.

Richard Braakman

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