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Re: [custom] Some issues for custom debian distributions

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>  - Installing the list of package we want
>      Using meta-packages (ie packages consisting only of dependencies)
>      to install the packages we want.  Used hooks in base-config to
>      get them installed during first time installation.  Not too happy
>      about the meta-package approach, as it is fragile and break
>      easily if some dependency is unavailable.

If you need to generate your own Packages files, which you might want to
do for various reasons, you could instead add Task: overrides to the
Packages files. Then use 'tasksel install' (that command may need to be
fixed first) to install the task. This would sidestep the dependency

Alternatively, you could get a similar effect by making the task package
only recommend most of the stuff in the task (except perhaps a few key
packages), and installing it with aptitude, which can pull in
recommends. I am actually thinking about switching tasks back over to
real packages using recommends like this, a few years down the road. I
would be interested in the results of a test case.

>  - Preconfigure the packages we install
>      Using two different approaches: (1) Load answers into the debconf
>      database before the packages are installed using some home-make
>      scripts, and (2) rewrite/replace configuration files using
>      cfengine at the end of the installation if the package is unable
>      to configure what we want using debconf.  I'm fairly satisfied
>      with this solution, but am not sure if the method used to feed
>      the debconf database is the best available.  I believe the best
>      option would be to extend all the packages we use to make it
>      possible to configure everything we need using debconf answers.

As discussed at DebConf, I would like to make debconf have better
support for pre-populating a database, when I find some time to work on

>  - Configure default language for all users
>      Using a custom script to rewrite config files to modify the
>      default language/locale.

Could this fit into the language-env package somehow? Debian needs to go
a few steps further in providing a localised system after install, with
language and locale set to the install langage. At the moment
language-env only displays a stupid debconf message when installed, and
allows per-user configuration, but it seems the place to put a global
config too.

see shy jo

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