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Cosing ITA bugs when you've changed your mind.

reopen 180993 !

Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis wrote:
> I've never agreed to leave phpgroupware to any maintainer, and i'm now back
> and actively working on my package, so I'm closing this report.

You have RFA'd phpgroupware and I've ITA'd it. Waiting until the ugly work (i.e.
the security update to stable) is getting done by others and then popping back
out of your hole to say "April fools" is not acceptable.
Your maintainance of phpGroupWare has been limited to yelling at people wanting
to finally do something about the embarrassingly poor state of Debian packages,
and it's time to let that go. [0] (In private mail, one of the upstream
developers who uses Debian told me that he "would not use those debs, even if
someone paid [him]", I've been getting private mails form other users with the
same bad experience with phpgroupware.) Maybe you are one of the examples on why
the NM process isn't thorough (slow) enough at present.
If you cannot incorporate a simple patch in BTS fixing RC bugs into your
packages [1], how will you collaborate using alioth?
Ever wondered why your appeals for cooperation have no response? Look at
#164354. Have I ever received a response to my offer to help (along with patch)
in #183896? No.



0. See
 http://bugs.debian.org/phpgroupware (esp. #183896)
1. http://bugs.debian.org/183896

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