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Re: Enable timestamps in diff.gz?

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Thomas Viehmann wrote:

> Adam Heath wrote:
> > On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Denis Barbier wrote:
> >>You could conditionnally add this -Z flag when a timestamped diff is found.
> > Um, hello?  Are you stupid, or just an idiot?  I can't modify the dpkg-source
> > that exists in stable.  If a dpkg-source in unstable creates a diff that
> > contains timestamps, then the one in stable will die.
> I know that it's fashionable to call people who disagree stupid or idiots, but
> actually Denis specifically requested that dpkg-source be enabled to unpack such
> diffs, not that it should create them. I'm not a native speaker of English, but
> that might be a difference.

Er, how can it unpack something that has no tool to create it?

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