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Re: Future releases of Debian

Moin Matt!
Matt Zimmerman schrieb am Monday, den 21. July 2003:

> > it's often non-trivial to find a new graphics card that is supported by
> > XFree86[...]if you want to use Debian 3.0 [2].
> It's _what_?
> It may be difficult to get 3D acceleration for the gamer-card-of-the-week,
> but by no means is it difficult to find a new graphics card which is
> well-supported by XFree86 in woody.

a) You often do not have choice
b) Nonsense. Go into a usual shop and try to buy a card for a _normal_
price which is supported by Woody. _If you are lucky_, they have a really
outdated product with Geforce3 or so, but most don't have, or they offer
you to order a luxurious card (eg. Matrox) but 300 percent more expensive.

Face the problem please - Debian stable is outdated distro for outdated
hardware. When Woody has been released, it was just right for the
average x86 hardware available there, but in 2003 you get more and more
problems. You cannot even by hardware with seemingly _known_ support
without having trouble with new minor hardware releases which are just
not supported by Woody versions.


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