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Very strange response to a simple question (was: ldap helper problems)

CC'ed to debian-devel because I think your handling of a simple question
pertaining to a simple bug in your package needs wider attention.
People, please respect the reply-to as to not clutter up the BTS.

On Sun 20 Jul 2003, James Troup wrote:
> Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> writes:
> > why hasn't the simple fix been applied?
> Because I'm inspired by your maintenance sk1ll2 when it comes to
> tmpreaper.

So you're neglecting bug reports that include a patch from completely
independent persons on your gnupg package because *I* think tmpreaper is
a useful package and you think it should be withdrawn? At least, I don't
recall receiving any patches from you, let alone any that I've ignored
outright like you have done with these; in fact, I don't recall you ever
having made any comment about tmpreaper whatsoever.
That's a *very* professional attitude...

> *plonk*

Of course, imagine having to defend what you write; hit-and-run flaming.

Paul Slootman

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