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Re: Future releases of Debian

 Adrian Bunk wrote:

Point 1. affects many people - the software in Debian 3.0 is currently
roughly one and a half years old. It's not only a problem if you want to
use the latest KDE or GNOME - it's often non-trivial to find a new
graphics card that is supported by XFree86 or a new scanner that is
supported by SANE if you want to use Debian 3.0 [2]. It's not needed to
release as often as other distributions, but one release a year is badly
Beneath this stands the difficulty to get software running which isn't yet involved to stable. The software provided with woody is mostly too old to desire the dependencies of wanted programs. And the try to satisfy them, can bring a huge tree of dependencies that is not able to be solved. Any kind of updating release just like the bugfix releases right now with debs and sources could be a way to reduce the gap of recent and stable software. Such a release could be generated from stable and recent packages a couple times a year and it wouldn't touch the new installer or cause the user to choice between unstable, testing or stable.

(Perhaps, this thought is a litte bit too easy due to my less experience in the debian building process. If so, ignore them.)

with kind regards

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