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ITP: cyclades-serial-client

The name for the GPL release is still a little uncertain, it should be decided 
this afternoon.  This is the first GPL release of such software from Cyclades 
and they are still deciding on which name best describes the functionality of 
the product.

Description: Network Serial port client software for Cyclades terminal servers
 This is the client for network serial port emulation via the RFC 2217
 protocol as used by Cyclades terminal servers and other products.  It
 consists of a daemon that manages a pseudo-tty and a shared object to take
 over the tcsetattr() and tcsendbreak() library calls to redirect their
 functionality over the network.

Licence: GPL

I am pre-announcing this because of the great interest when this was discussed 
before, everyone seemed to want tcsetattr() over the network and no-one had 
coded it.  Since that time I wrote the code under contract to Cyclades and am 
now able to give it away.  If anyone wants a pre-release version then please 
let me know.

Also the product currently appears to have a severe bug on Solaris.  One of 
the hopes of this GPL release is that someone on the net may find this bug 
and submit a patch.  If some user of the GPL version submits a patch fixing a 
bug in the Solaris version then it would be a great support for the release 
of GPL code (I would like to give them the idea that the first thing to do 
when stuck debugging a program is to release the code under the GPL rather 
than have code be proprietary by default).

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