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Re: Bug#201448: ITP: stepmania -- Show me your moves, with this dancing game

I wrote:
> 4. StepMania has no songs to distribute with it, so it would have to go
> in contrib (it can't read either of pydance's formats).

This remains an issue, but...

> 6. StepMania is full of graphics that look, to me, like rips of actual
> Dance Dance Revolution graphics. If they're not, they definitely are
> trying to be as close to them as possible, and using many trademarked
> characters and images with no attribution. Unless they have permission
> from Konami, this package isn't even suitable for non-free. Also, I
> suspect they have sound effects and announcer data that's non-licensed
> as well.

This conversation (among other things) happened in #stepmania:

(piman) My only real concern is about Debian bug #201448, which is
someone intending to package StepMania for Debian GNU/Linux.
(_Glenn_) Heh.  That won't happen for a while; not until we get an
original theme, at least.
(_Glenn_) I'll check on it.
(_Glenn_) I've wanted an original theme for a very long time. 
Unfortunately, I'm not an artist so I can do next to nothing to help; so
I can't do much about that.

It could go in contrib/, but it would be pretty useless (no graphics or
sounds at all, which is most of the package).

So, I no longer object to this ITP, assuming it's done *after* the theme
Joe Wreschnig <piman@debian.org>

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