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Re: Bug#192869: surfraw: surprized you added so many commands to /usr/bin

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 03:00:27PM +0100, Stephen Stafford wrote:
> That's a solution that hadn't occured to me, but I quite like it. Jeff
> Bailey at debcamp tells me he has an NMU to fix #200164, so with this out of
> the way, I'll probably take the package if nobody else does.
> If there is someone (*anyone*) with more time than I have who wants this
> package, then please step forward...I'm more than happy to sponsor uploads
> if that somebody doesn't have an account...

ehm... :) I like the interest and the work for surfraw... I couldn't
find time for it till now and I have no opposition to NMU or help in
general, but I'm not MIA and I didn't orphan that package, so, please,
write to me about it and follow the rules for NMU. I can't find a reason
for you to offer a package of mine! ;)

BTW, if you are really interested in surfraw, take care about his
development and not only packaging, because upstream is working on
different projects, I think, and I can't receive any reply in last
years... :|


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