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Re: Qt3 still broken (compat-headers), what to do?


Ben Burton wrote:
> It seems then that our options are as follows.
> (i) Wait for the Qt maintainers to upload a fix.
> (ii) Do an NMU for Qt, despite the fact that this bug is not release-critical.
> (iii) Resort to the technical committee.
> (iv) Keep the package split and release sarge with a broken Qt development 
> environment.

I thought a commonly used option was

(v) Start a thread with subject "${MAINTAINER_NAME} cannot properly maintain his
    package" (or, at the your option, something more explicit) to have them fix
    their package before the thread becomes the #1 hit on a google search for
    (This is when I got the idea for bug #200905, only that it was the lintian
     check page that was top google ranked.)

But then, other suggestions might be friendlier.



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