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help wanted with 'ntp' packages

I am unable to spend as much time updating the 'ntp' packages as they deserve,
and so I would like to find someone suitable to either join me in working on 
them, or take them over outright.

There are a number of open bugs that need to be addressed, and I'm completely
unhappy with the current default configuration and debconf utilization.  I
think the resources are all now in place to have a question-free install of
a working default configuration and I'd like to see the packages move in that
direction.  There's a kernel patchset that can help turn Linux into a high-
quality stratum one timeserver that I'm using personally on the system that
my radio clock is attached to, but have never packaged, that might deserve 
more attention.  And so on...

To successfully maintain these packages, you need to understand the NTP
protocol a bit, and it would be helpful to have experience managing a non-
trivial NTP environment.  You need to be willing to deal with an upstream 
that doesn't release very often, and doesn't always care if the software 
is broken on Linux.  And upstream has moved to using BK for their source 
repository, so to be effective in doing more than just keeping up with stable 
releases (which is what I've fallen back to recently), you need to be willing 
to use a non-free revision control system.

If you aren't scared away yet, then send me some email, and/or find me at
Debconf3 and we can talk.


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