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Re: removing the "draft" from the DDP policy

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> writes:

> I am still wating for Adam patches (it's been a while). However, I do not 
> want to change it from a draft into a official policy. I just want to add 
> it to the DDP website documentation and mark it _there_ as a draft. The 
> fact that it's not even listed in the DDP website reduces it usefulness.

That's fine with me.

> So, I was basicly asking (probably wrongly worded) to:
> a) add a link to the draft from w.d.o/doc/ddp (currently hidden under 
> w.d.o/doc/docpolicy)
> b) add it to the list of developers' manuals (w.d.o/doc/index and 
> w.d.o/doc/devel-manuals)
> Of course, I'm not going to change it's status. It will still be called a 
> 'draft' but it will be given wider exposure. Few people (as demonstrated by 
> the discussion at -devel and the fact that people at -legal are not aware 
> of the license section) are aware that we are drafting a policy for 
> documentation in the Debian project.

Seems ok to me.

> > Did Adam indicated he stopped doing rewrite of ddp-policy?  Did I miss
> > something?  (Sorry for my long absense from debian-doc@l.d.o)
> No he did not, but still, there have been few updates of the document 
> itself (and I did tell Adam to go ahead and hack it as needed)

I've been working on a branch of it actually.

I had serious problems with the *scope* of the policy -- it seemed to
be more extensive and detailed in places than it needed to be.

I have a pretty bad backlog of stuff going on right now.

...Adam Di Carlo...<adam@onshored.com>.......<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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