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Re: Bug#200355: ITP: csound -- incredibly powerful and versatile software synthesis program

>>>>> "fpl" == Francesco P Lovergine <frankie@debian.org> writes:

    >> If necessary, we (as the AGNULA project) will clarify things
    >> with the relevant persons (although we are packaging it now and
    >> we did check that we could do it).

    fpl> That's great. And my compliments to csound team.

As you might have seen, the licensing conditions should be cleared
out.  Lest there are other issues pending, we are going to work on the
package with the original proposer and upload it ASAP.

    fpl> PS: Nice hear you again, Adrea.

Thank you.  It's nice to be here (although on a very limited time
basis, unfortunately).


Andrea Glorioso                        andrea.glorioso@agnula.org
AGNULA/DeMuDi Technical Manager            http://www.agnula.org/
"There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"

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