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Re: Bug#200355: ITP: csound -- incredibly powerful and versatile software synthesis program

>>>>> "ju" == Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

    >> Everything in csound was relicensed LGPL a couple of months
    >> ago. Now literally *everything* in csound is LGPL. The page
    >> above is old and obsolete, and should probably be changed. The
    >> funny part is that the only one that pushed hard enough to have
    >> a clear GPL statement (though with an exception) before this
    >> happened was me with the babo opcode.  Now all these problems
    >> are gone.

    ju> That is wonderful.  csound was one of the larger 'almost free'
    ju> projects around.  We can then concentrate on other things than
    ju> mimic csound.  (well, csound has a pretty difficult interface
    ju> to play with... )

Just to let you know, we are in contact with the original submitter of
the ITP in order to cooperate on the packaging.


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