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Re: Bug#200163: ITP: png2ico -- command-line PNG to ICO converter

On Tue, 08 Jul 2003, martin f krafft wrote:
> my convert didn't convert to the ico format. did you even bother to
> check the manpage, or are you one of those convert-can-do-everything
> smarties?

from ImageMagick(1) []

  o  ICO       *r-- Microsoft icon
  o  ICON      *r-- Microsoft icon	

In other words, convert can read them, but it can't write them.

[But ImageMagick can do almost everything...]

In case you think the documentation's wrong:

$ convert don_mod1_small.jpg don_mod1_small.ico 
convert: No encode delegate for this image format (don_mod1_small.ico).
convert: No encode delegate for this image format (don_mod1_small.ico).

Don Armstrong

 -- Maritza Campos http://www.crfh.net/d/20020601.html


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