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Re: Bug#200163: ITP: png2ico -- command-line PNG to ICO converter

On sam, jui 05 20:45 
martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote :


> Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files. If you're looking
> for a program to create a favicon.ico for your website, look no
> further. If you need instructions or don't even know what a favicon
> is, check out my short tutorial on how to create and install
> a favicon.ico.

AFAIK, you don't need any special program to make a favicon. Just create
a 16x16 png picture and rename it to whatever you like, as long as you
inform your web page with <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico"
/>, it'll work.

What kind of special operation does png2ico exactly ?

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