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RE: gcc on a biarch system

Since other ISVs are adopting the use of linux32, I recommend consistency here.  AFAIK, the basic functions of linux32 are (1) to change the architecture reported by uname, and (2) to adjust the available address space for that process to 3GB, such as you would find on most 32-bit Linux systems (many programs get confused when they have access to the full 4GB of 32-bit addressable space, and imposing a limit unconfused them).  Exact behavior can be modified by passing switches to the command.  

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* marc.miller@amd.com <marc.miller@amd.com> [030707 13:44]:
> I've seen such an animal (that switches the personality and the
> architecture reported by uname) in some distributions; it's called
> linux32.  

After Arnd's proposal, I wrote one for my own use, but now I am

Would there be a use for a generic personality interface under Debian?
Or should we have a 'linux32' to be compatible?


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