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Re: NEWS.Debian support is here

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Is there any particular reason to keep the "unstable; urgency=low"
> there?  It's duplication of information in the changelog, and nearly
> every developer will probably forget to change the information in
> NEWS.Debian when they change the urgency or distribution in changelog.

It may be that apt-listchanges could use the info in the future to sort
news items. It doesn't have to match the value in the changelog.

One nice thing about using standard changelog format is that if someone
wants to they could add another format, specialised for news
information, and another parser in /usr/lib/dpkg/parsechangelog/. Of
course apt-listchanges does its own parsing, so anyone who does that
would probably be well served by redesigning the parser interface to
something that apt-listchanges can use. Anyway, it's nice to keep that
option open.

see shy jo

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