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reliable mirroring of local web tree?


The boost libraries have excellent documentation in HTML format.
Unfortunately, there is no "make install" equivalent to copy the files
into a nice place.  Nor is it as simple as "cp -a docs ..."  as the
files are intermixed with the source code.  But there is a top-level
"index.htm" file, so I should be able to copy all the files starting
from the index.

I have used httrack to do this in the past.  But now it appears to get
stuck in an infinite loop -- presumably something deep in the tree
links back to the initial "index.htm" in a manner that confuses
httrack into thinking it is a *different* file, and it gets copied
as "index-2.htm", then "index-3.htm", etc ...

Surely someone cleverer than me has solved this sort of problem in the
past.  How do *you* copy a web tree?  [A simple list of files is fine,
too, of course.]


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