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Re: logging for package installs

Op do 03-07-2003, om 23:38 schreef Joey Hess:
> Maybe this is a good time to present this idea I've been kicking around,
> but never really got anywhere with, for as long as I've been working on
> debconf. My idea is to add an abstraction layer for package install-related
> logging in debian.

Why limit that to install? Or do I misunderstand you, and do you
actually mean 'installing and removing packages' (i.e., all
maintainerscripts)? After all, stuff could go wrong with removing a
package, too.

> This could be bolted on the side of debconf. The abuse of debconf by
> maintainers who feel the need to do the kinds of things listed above
> certianly points at the need for this mechanism. And at least debconf
> has a kind of l10n framework, and some ideas about question priority.
> But this logging and message display is really conceptually different
> than debconf. Debconf is just there to ask questions. It would likely be
> better to design it as a separate program.

Separate but similar, I'd say; similar in design (it would be nice if
this program had a number of backends (sql-database, flat file, ...) to
where logging information could be written *and* a number of front-ends
to be used should the user request the information to be displayed at
install time) and similar in UI, so that it doesn't look to the user as
though this is something completely separate.

Other than that, I very much like the idea.

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