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RFC Search engine in development

I've got a good start on an RFC search engine.  Try it out at:


... and find the code at:


The modules to look at are Swish.pm, RFC.pm, and the RFC/ directory.  It
needs to be completed and turned into an installable Debian package. 
The search part does not define the presentation.  It returns a list of
Perl hash data structures, so that the client code can present that any
way it likes.  This means that it can be used by a command line tool,
perhaps called from inside emacs, or from a web front end like the one
on pdxlinux.org, which is done using HTML::Mason.

What do you think?  Can you figure out my code?  Need a tour?  Are you a
Perl programmer?  I hope to find some time for completing this, but if
yous want to work on it, go for it; just let me know so we can

Karl M. Hegbloom <hegbloom@pdx.edu>

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