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Re: 469 packages still using dh_undocumented, check if one is yours

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> I came accross some sources still using dh_undocumented so I did a
> quick search through sids *.diff.gz files. Here is the result:

At prsent rates, I expect we will be down to maybe 50 packages calling
this in 1 year's time, at which point some bug reports could be filed.

Of course many of the packages with this program in their rules file
probably don't even use it. And it is a no-op.

I've recently revamped my debhelper graph page to make it easier to
track deprecated programs. The ones that don't seem likely to go away at
all soon are dh_installmanpages and dh_movefiles.

see shy jo

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