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Debian mini-distribution for diskless routers

Hello all,

I would like to announce a new project. The projects homepage is
at http://gate-bunker.p6.msu.ru/~berk/router.html.

My goal was to take Debian and make it boot from flash and work
from filesystem in memory, but to do it very carefully to change
as little as possible. What comes out is not a debian-based
distribution but rather a boot wrapper for Debian proper.
It is intended for diskless routers.


This is Debian stable with some packages from testing to add
support for 2.5 kernels.

It boots from flash and works from memory. It boots in two stages:
first a script from initrd copies the root filesystem from flash to
tmpfs and makes tmpfs new root, then init runs as usual. 

It comes with a custom packaged 2.4 kernel with extended networking
capabilities. The custom kernel includes modules for many ethernet
cards, which are autodetected during bootup.
The system can be upgraded and additional packages can be installed
from regular Debian mirrors. New precompiled kernels can be installed
as debian packages from our distribution site.

Feedback is welcome. Thanks,

Vadim Berkgaut

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