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Re: Debconf or not debconf : Conclusion

On Friday 04 July 2003 01:52, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> > What do you propose ?
> > Do you think Debian must keep old version of stunnel (3.x) for
> > compatibility
> Given how it sounds like upstream are completely incompetent and have
> decided to gratuitously break compatibility, that sounds like a good idea.
> > and do not include new version ?
> Why wouldn't you include the new version as well?

Yes, keep the two versions of stunnel is probably the right way to handle this 
problem. Now the problem is that stunnel is uploaded in version 4 on stunnel 
package. What is the correct way to reintroduce stunnel for compatibility 
reasons ? uploading a new  stunnel3 package will not resolve the problem.

Best Regards.
Julien LEMOINE / SpeedBlue

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