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Bug#199197: reassign general

This one time, at band camp, Joey Hess said:
> reassign 199197 general
> thanks
> I do not know what package this bug belongs to. I know only that it's
> not bsdgames, which does not contain the string "gnome-terminal" in it.
> I suspect that it's a screwup in gnome-terminal, the user's window
> manager (sawfish?) or some other part of gnome, but I do not use gnome.
> If someone who does would like to track down why a menu for a text
> program is being run in gnome-terminal, when gnome-terminal is not
> installed, instead of using x-terminal-emulator in accordance with
> policy, I'm sure the submitter of this bug report would appreciate
> it.

It looks to me like a gnome-session thing - the user either set, or left
the default set to gnome-terminal, and on upgrade gnome-terminal was
removed.  The user probably needs to open the preferred applications
dialog, and choose x-terminal-emulator, rather than gnome-terminal.

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