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Re: postrm::downgrade?

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 08:18, Niall Young wrote:

> How about a postrm::downgrade hook to reverse any changes made in the
> new version's preinst::upgrade so that when the old version's
> preinst::upgrade is applied you're not left with a potential mix of
> configuration?

It would be cool if:

Dpkg could save backups of all config files when upgrading packages (probably 
in /var somewhere, so you get multiple versions backe dup and no .bak files 
everywhere). Also functionality to backup versions of configs so you could 

dpkg-saveconfig package-name --name=working_package_config

Edit configs and make changes. Find you have made an error.

dpkg-loadconfig package-name --name=working_package_config

or perhaps

dpkg-loadconfig package_name --rollback-to-last-version

This could be extended to associate a configuration with a package version, 
and downgrading might involve:

dpkg-loadconfig package_name --package-version=2.1.7-3

One of the better additions to newer versions of Windows is the ability to 
rollback configs to previous versions.

Of course this is no use to you, but I thought it was an interesting idea. :-)

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