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What is the default gcc version ?

On Jun 29, Yann Dirson (ydirson@altern.org) wrote:
 > Despite the build-essential list and gcc-defaults package pointing to
 > gcc 3.3, at least 6 archs still used 3.2 this week (alpha ia64 powerpc
 > m68k mips mipsel) and buildds on s390 and hppa still do not print the
 > toolchain versions, so I can't tell for those 2 ones.
 > That's half of our archs looking out of sync with the "policy" or
 > whatever dictates the gcc version to use.  I suppose there may be good
 > reasons for those to avoid 3.3 (in which case that should be reflected
 > in build-essential and gcc-defaults), or the buildd's should be
 > upgraded.
 > Can anyone please shed some light on this issue ?

I'd like to know this, too.  I recently fixed some bugs on m68k (a painful
experience) and the most recent bug reports are basically "the bug you closed
is reoccurring".  If the compiler I'm using to test my fixes is different than
the one used to build the package, that might be the reason.

Neil Roeth

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