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Re: Bug#198158: architecture i386 isn't i386 anymore

At Sat, 21 Jun 2003 12:11:36 +0200,
Erwan MAS wrote:
> Please keep , a i386 or i586 architecture , for the via C3 processor .
> i686 architecture is not compatible with C3 . 
> This processor is very used in the Via EPIA motherboard :
> See :
> http://www.viavpsd.com/product/epia_mini_itx_spec.jsp?motherboardId=21
> http://www.mini-itx.com/

You confused.  VIA C3 Ezra (not Nehemiah) does not have CMOV
instruction, and gcc create assembler code including CMOV if you set
--cpu=i686.  It's i686 processor, but it does not support full i686

-- gotom

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