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Re: C++ & Java IDE

On Monday 23 June 2003 16:32, code wrote:
> Hi,
>  I'm new to the Linux world crossing over from Windows to do a work project
> and was wondering if someone could recommend a good IDE for Java and C++.
> I'm mainly going to be writing C++ with a JNI layer to allow access from my
> Java code.
> Thanks McGiv
I can suggest two.  The first is KDevelop, which is great espcially if you are
developing KDE apps (either Java or C++), or Eclipse which is written
in Java and Java is its primary language, but it also has a plugin to support

KDevelop comes as part of KDE, Eclipse is only available in unstable at the
moment (I don't think it has made it into testing yet but I may be wrong).


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